• “Bunch” Porto Ricos


    Also called “Bush” and “Vine less,” The favorite plant of gardners with limited space. 110 day maturity.

  • Beauregard


    Beauregards are an outstanding release that has been accepted by farmers everywhere. Chances are this is the variety that is available in your local market. 90-100 day maturity.

  • Bonita


    New white variety out of Louisiana, this variety has light colored skin with a pink cast and a white colored flesh that may have some yellow tint. It allows for various cooking uses. 95 day maturity.

  • Centennials


    Centennials could be the most widely recognized sweet potato. Carrot color inside with copper to orange outside skin. 100 day maturity.

  • Covington


    The Covington has an excellent yield of uniformly shaped potatoes with a rose colored skin. The flesh is sweet and slightly darker than a Beauregard. Maturity is 100 days.

    Please note the slightly higher price for this variety, as it is a patented variety and requires a royalty fee.


  • Georgia Jets


    A spectacular variety with extremely fast growth (#1 size potatoes in only 90 days) and extra-high yields. 90-100 day maturity.

  • Hybrid Candy Onion


    Candy is a newer variety providing a sweet onion for mid and northern gardeners. Produces a very large globe-shaped onion with an excellent tasting white-colored flesh. All our onions ship free Priority Mail.

  • Hybrid Yellow Granex


    The variety is widely known as the Vidalia. Produces thick and flat onions. Keeps good while maintaining sweetness and flavor. All our onions ship free Priority Mail.

  • Murasaki


    The Murasaki has a purple skin and white inside flesh – a Japanese sweet potato.

  • O’Henry


    O’ Henry is a white-skinned, cream-fleshed sweet potato that cooks up drier than other sweet potato varieties. 90-100 day maturity.

  • Red Hamburger


    Famous for size and sweetness. Can produce onions up to 4 inches. Red skin color makes it a good choice for sandwiches and salads. All our onions ship free Priority Mail.

  • Texas 1015 Super Sweet


    Onions as big as Texas. This yellow onion is very heat and drought resistant. Stores well, while holding flavor. All our onions ship free Priority Mail.