“Thank you so much for another great season!”

“Due to so many transit problems with our plants by the postal service, we will be researching other carriers to accommodate our needs for next season.”

“We want nothing more than the best service and experience for all of you, our customers!”

“Thanks for your understanding and happy gardening from all of us!”


Steele Plant Company


From one of our customers who
experienced a long shipment due to delays:

Good Day,

Just wanted to let you know that the slips all rebounded since yesterday. I put them in water outside and when I woke up today, most of the leaves were big and green.





Welcome to Steele Plant Company, LLC!

Steele Plant Company, Tennessee’s largest sweet potato plant dealer, was founded in 1953 in Gleason, Tennessee by Claude Steele and Dudley “Butch” Sanders. Claude was a produce man and Butch was a school teacher. At first, the sweet potato farm was designed to be a second income for the pair, but it quickly became a full-time business and family tradition.

Today, the Steele family continues this tradition … even the youngest members of the family helping out. The Steele Plant mission continues to “provide the best quality sweet potato plants and the best service possible.”

sweet potato plants

What’s New:

**We are no longer shipping anymore sweet potato plants or onions for the season.

FUN FACT: Regular or ‘Irish’ potatoes are members of the nightshade family Solanaceae and the scientific name is Solanum Tuberosum.  But sweet potatoes are members of the morning glory family and the scientific name is Ipomoca Batatas.

Be sure to check out the suggested harvesting instructions for your sweet potato crop.

Check the maturity date of the variety of sweet potato that you ordered so you can know when to harvest them.

Plan now to put the best quality sweet potato plants in your 2021 spring garden!


Thank you and please let us know if we can help in anyway!