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  • Sweet Potato 500 Plant Special with Covington (two varieties)


    Mixed varieties help you SAVE MONEY and see which variety produces best for you.  Only $92 for 500 plants – two varieties.

    The 500 Plant Special allows 250 plants each of 2 varieties. Choose your varieties and add to cart!

    • NOTE: This 500 plant special includes the Covington variety with royalty.
  • White Yams


    White as cotton inside and out, and sweet as sugar. One of America’s oldest … our driest potato. 110 day maturity.

  • Murasaki


    The Murasaki has a purple skin and white inside flesh – a Japanese sweet potato.

  • Sweet Potato 500 Plant Special (Choose Your Own Mixture- up to 5 varieties)


    Mixed varieties help you SAVE MONEY and see which variety produces best for you.

    The 500 Plant Special Choose Your Own Mixture allows any combination of varieties you require.

    Please list the varieties and quantities you would like in the order notes section when you check out!!

  • Orleans


    Newer variety released from LSU which has many similar characteristics as the Beauregard. The skin color, flesh, and flavor are all almost identical to the Beauregard.  Maturity is 90-100 days.  The major difference is that Orleans has shown to yield a higher quantity of #1 grade potatoes than Beauregard.  Pricing includes a royalty fee.

  • Texas Sweetie Special


    A special mix of 1 bunch of Texas 1015’s, 1 bunch of Red Hamburger, and 1 bunch of White Sweet Spanish. Each bundle will have 50 to 70 plants. All our onions ship free Priority Mail.

  • Purple Passion


    A rare, purple fleshed and purple skinned sweet potato that spreads like a vine with hardy green foliage.  Maturity date is 110 days.  Purple sweet potatoes are super cool to cook and bake with: purple pie, purple mashed, and purple everything.  It yields well and is disease tolerant.  Harvest tips: harvest tubers and cure them indoors to produce more sugars.