White Yam Sweet Potato Plants

White Yam Sweet Potato Plants

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White as cotton inside and out, and sweet as sugar. One of America’s oldest … our driest potato. 110 day maturity.


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White Yam Sweet Potato Features:

As the name suggests, White Yam is a white sweet potato variety that has a bright white flesh. This is one of our best-tasting white sweet potato varieties, although it has a much longer maturity date than Bonita and O’Henry. This variety produces smaller, elongated sweet potatoes that average 8-10″ long.

White Yam sweet potatoes have a dry, flaky flesh compared to orange sweet potato varieties. The lower moisture content allows these to store much longer than orange sweet potatoes. They’re great for frying, roasting, or mixing with Irish potatoes for a nutritious mashed potato dish.

White Yam Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

White Yam sweet potato plants have a beautiful jagged leaf pattern that you won’t find in any other variety. This variety takes a long time (120 days) to produce mature sweet potatoes, so it’s not a great option for northern gardeners. It’s better suited for those with a long, hot summer.

White Yam sweet potato plants should also be given more space than other sweet potato varieties. We recommend giving 16″ of space between plants along the row for optimal production. Consistent watering will provide higher yields, especially in years when rainfall is scarce.

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