Purple Passion Sweet Potato Plants

Purple Passion Sweet Potato Plants

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A rare, purple fleshed and purple skinned sweet potato that spreads like a vine with hardy green foliage.  Maturity date is 110 days.  Purple sweet potatoes are super cool to cook and bake with: purple pie, purple mashed, and purple everything.  It yields well and is disease tolerant.  Harvest tips: harvest tubers and cure them indoors to produce more sugars.


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Purple Passion Sweet Potato Features:

Purple Passion sweet potatoes have a striking purple exterior and interior. These sweet potatoes have a high nutritional value and are rich in anthocyanin. The color is retained after cooking, making them a great option for a roasted vegetable medley. Many of our customers like to roast these with Murasaki and orange sweet potatoes for a colorful assortment.

Purple Passion sweet potatoes have an elongated shape similar to a cucumber. They don’t have an enlarged center like a Georgia Jet sweet potato. The width is fairly consistent across the entire sweet potato, which makes them easier to cut and prepare for cooking.

Purple Passion Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Purple Passion sweet potatoes have a 110 day maturity date which makes them a great option for most all growing regions. Our Purple Passion sweet potato plants should be planted once soil temperatures warm significantly in the late spring and early summer months. Planting in cool soils will delay maturity.

Once established, Purple Passion sweet potato plants are extremely hardy and have a considerable amount of disease resistance. They’re also somewhat drought tolerant and will still produce in years with less than optimal rainfall. We recommend a 12″ in-row plant spacing and a 4′ row spacing for our Purple Passion sweet potato plants.

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