Orleans Sweet Potato Plants

Orleans Sweet Potato Plants

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Newer variety released from LSU which has many similar characteristics as the Beauregard. The skin color, flesh, and flavor are all almost identical to the Beauregard.  Maturity is 90-100 days.  The major difference is that Orleans has shown to yield a higher quantity of #1 grade potatoes than Beauregard.  Pricing includes a royalty fee.


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Description :

Orleans Sweet Potato Features:

Orleans sweet potato is an improved variety of Beauregard that was developed by Louisiana State University. It has a 90 day maturity date similar to Beauregard and a similar disease-resistance like Beauregard sweet potato plants. Orleans sweet potatoes have a red skin and orange flesh.

Orleans produces a higher percentage of #1 sweet potatoes compared to Beauregard. A hill of Beauregard sweet potatoes might produce a single Jumbo sweet potato, a couple #1 sweet potatoes, and a few small sweet potatoes. Orleans has less size variance among the sweet potatoes in a hill and most are #1 grade. Orleans sweet potatoes are also sweeter than Beauregard.

Orleans Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Due to the shorter maturity date, Orleans sweet potatoes are a great option for growers across the country. Even if you live in the northern states and have a limited growing season, you should still get solid production from this variety. Orleans does seem to perform better in sandy soils as opposed to heavy, clay soils.

Orleans sweet potato plants should be spaced 10-12″ along the row with a 4′ plant spacing. These plants will produce long, trailing vines and are not ideal for container or raised bed gardens. They’ll need plenty of room to sprawl from the main base of the plant.

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