Covington Sweet Potato Plants

Covington Sweet Potato Plants

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The Covington has an excellent yield of uniformly shaped potatoes with a rose colored skin. The flesh is sweet and slightly darker than a Beauregard. Maturity is 100 days.

Please note the slightly higher price for this variety, as it is a patented variety and requires a royalty fee.



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Covington Sweet Potato Features:

Our Covington sweet potato plants produce the most uniform, beautiful sweet potatoes of any variety we carry. This is a newer variety that was developed by NC State University and it’s quickly becoming the most popular variety amongst backyard gardeners and commercial growers. It produces high yields of #1 sweet potatoes that make it a great option for market farmers or roadside stands.

Covington sweet potatoes have a 100 day maturity date and can stay in the ground longer without getting too large and splitting. These sweet potatoes have a dark red skin and a delicious orange flesh. Covington sweet potatoes grow in bunches, almost like bananas. This makes them easy to harvest just by pulling up the center of the plant.

Covington Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Covington sweet potato plants prefer warmer soils and should not be planted when soils are still cool in early spring. We recommend a row spacing of 4′ and an in-row plant spacing of 10-12″. While sweet potatoes are known to be fairly drought tolerant, consistent watering will provide significantly greater harvests.

As mentioned above, Covington sweet potatoes are less prone to splitting and cracking. This allows for a longer harvesting window compared to other varieties. If the weather isn’t cooperating when your sweet potato plants are approaching 100 days, your Covington sweet potatoes should be fine staying in the ground 10-15 more days.

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