Bonita Sweet Potato Plants

Bonita Sweet Potato Plants

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New white variety out of Louisiana, this variety has light colored skin with a pink cast and a white colored flesh that may have some yellow tint. It allows for various cooking uses. 95 day maturity.


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Bonita Sweet Potato Features:

Bonita is an early-maturing, white sweet potato variety that stores exceptionally well compared to orange sweet potato varieties. This variety was developed at the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station and named after the town of Bonita, Louisiana. It produces round sweet potatoes that have a light tan exterior and a white to pink flesh.

Bonita sweet potatoes have a dry, flaky texture compared to their orange counterparts, which makes it a great sweet potato for frying or roasting. The sweet potatoes are consistently sized without much size variance in each “hill.” They also perform well in a wide variety of soil types from heavy, clay soils to sandy loam soils.

Bonita Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Bonita sweet potato pants should not be planted in cool soils. Wait until soils are consistently warm in the late spring or early summer months. Because it has a 90 day maturity date, this variety is a great option for gardeners across the entire country. You don’t need a long growing season to get bountiful harvests from our Bonita sweet potato plants.

Sweet potato plants should be planted on a 4′ row spacing and a 10-12″ in-row plant spacing. Bonita sweet potato plants are resistant to southern root knot nematode and soil rot. The sweet potatoes hold well in the soil and are not prone to soft spots or rotting as they approach their maturity date.

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