Beauregard Sweet Potato Plants

Beauregard Sweet Potato Plants

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Beauregards are an outstanding release that has been accepted by farmers everywhere. Chances are this is the variety that is available in your local market. 90-100 day maturity.


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Beauregard Sweet Potato Features:

Beauregard is a fast-maturing sweet potato variety that is widely-adapted to southern and northern growing zones. This variety produces a high percentage of #1 grade sweet potatoes in just 90-100 days, making it a great option for gardeners with a shorter growing season. Beauregard is the most popular variety grown in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Beauregard produces large, elongated potatoes that have a red skin and orange flesh. They have a slightly sweet flavor that is comparable to that of a winter squash or pumpkin. The fine-grained flesh has a creamy consistency when cooked, making this a great sweet potato for baking and making sweet treats.

Beauregard Sweet Potato Growing Tips:

Beauregard sweet potato plants produce long, trailing vines. As such, you’ll want to give the plants plenty of room to roam. This variety performs best in an in-ground garden with adequate space, and would not be well-suited for container or raised bed gardens.

Sweet potato plants prefer warmer soils, so we recommend waiting to plant when your soils are sufficiently warm in late spring. Beauregard sweet potato plants should be planted on a 10-12″ plant spacing along the row. You can plant individual rows as close as 3′, but we suggest a 4′ row spacing for large vining varieties like Beauregard.

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