Sweet Potato Facts

When Right Seems Wrong …

Many years ago there was a white meated sweet potato and a yellow meated sweet potato.Then sweet potato growers received a big boost when the red meated Porto Rico variety was introduced. This variety was the standard sweet potato for many years and even today some of the colorful new […]

The Yam vs. Sweet Potato Debate

In the U.S. the terms sweet potato and yam are often used interchangeably. However, the two are not even close cousins. Sweet Potato Name: Convolvulaceae Morning glory family Grown in Tropical America moist mouth feel sweet taste Yam Name: Dioscoreaceae a tuber or bulb of a tropical vine Grown Central […]

Nutritional Value

Approximate Nutritional Value of 1 small (100gm) Baked Sweet Potato 140 Calories  2 gm. Protein .5 gm. Fat 33 gm. Carbohydrates 40 mg. Calcium .9 gm. Iron 8100 I.U. Vitamin A .7 mg. Niacin 22 mg. Ascorbic Acid

Nutrition Facts

Sweet Potatoes are: High in Fiber (4g – one medium sized sweet potato) Fat Free Low in Sodium Low in Cholesterol and Saturated Fat A Good Source of Vitamin B6, Manganese, Vitamin A and Vitamin C